Enterprise Data Analytics was born with the aim of being the easiest analytical solution to use. In Jortilles we accumulate a great experience in data analysis projects and we have realized that all the solutions on the market are complex to use for an end user. That is why we have developed EDA.


  • Is Open Source:
    • Control over the application.
    • Investment control.
    • Customization to my needs.
  • Is web:
    • Nothing to install
    • It is multi-platform (computer / tablet / phone)
    • It is available through the internet.
    • I can share the information.
  • It is easy to:
    • The user:
      • Clean and neat interface.
      • The business user is really capable of consulting the information.
      • Exportable to excel / pdf / image.
    • The administrator:
      • Automation of model generation.
      • Centralized environment on a single server. There are not hundreds of excels / files.
      • Users gain independence = Administrator gains time available for other tasks.
  • You can install it on your servers
  • You can hire it as a service and forget about maintenance.
  • Anyway, the data is not hosted on third-party servers. It is  in YOUR database.
  • Even more?

What EDA can do for you​

EDA automates the process of publishing information. Your IT department only has to worry about generating the data. EDA automatically generates the data model. Deploying a new data model will only take a few seconds.

Is your data model alive? EDA too. You can refresh your data model with just one click and update the changes from your database.


Are you worried about security? EDA too. You can define Row Level Security  and resources.


EDA is the easiest analytical solution to use. It will allow you to increase the productivity of your IT department as well as end users. Having a simple and pleasant tool.

Check our demo if you want to try it yourself.

How EDA works

EDA is a web application that connects to a database and generates a metadata model understandable by the business users. We will no longer have tables and columns with technical names but we will have user friendly business names and descriptions.


After connect with yuor database. EDA scans the model and generates a metadata model based on the existing relational diagram. If you want to enrich the model with descriptions for the end user, you can do it easily.


EDA does only one thing … Visualize data …. But it does it better than anyone else!

EDA allows:

  • Connect to a database and generate a metadata model understandable by the business user.
  • Connect to datawarehouses, datalakes even operational databases and inquire about live data.
  • Make queries about the data in a language understandable by the business user.
  • Make graphical reports in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Perform cross tables.
  • Export the data to excel.
  • Publish reports anonymously.
  • Data access security.
  • Integration with LDAP / Active directory.

Check our demo if you want to try it yourself.