EDA for Public Administrations

Public administrations, municipalities, NGOs, etc. have specific needs for access to information:

  • Treatment of personal / sensitive data.
  • Many users.
  • Lots of diverse information.
  • Private, shared and public information.

These specific needs determine the choice of software:

  • Data cannot travel to servers “in the cloud” without control.
  • Licenses per user. They are not prohibited but they greatly limit access. If you have to give access to 100 users, it is 100 licenses …
  • Users are heterogeneous. They cannot use a very complex tool.




EDA is a reporting solution especially suitable for Public Administrations:

  • It can be installed in your private data centers.
  • Its Open Source license allows you to have as many users as you want.
  • Its clean and simple interface allows access to any user.
  • Its automatic data model generation technology allows you to publish information in a matter of minutes.
  • Access control allows you to have private and public reports. As well as auditing the use by users.

Contact us and we will explain how, with EDA, you can solve your problems of access to the information.