EDA Personal

Do you want to use EDA for personal purposes? Are you a small business with limited resources? Are you a non-profit organization?

At Jortilles we want to help you and we have decided to offer the EDA service almost free to students, non-profit organizations and small businesses with few resources.

You can enjoy a FREE EDA SaaS server for 6 months. After which we will charge you € 120 / year. What does the servers cost …

EDA server hosted by Jortilles in subscription mode:

  • EDA server in SaaS mode.
  • Access your server through the url: https://edaserver.com/yourcompany.
  • Hosted, maintained and updated by the EDA developers.
  • You will have a local database up to 25 MB to use with EDA.
  • EDA will be able to connect to your databases.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • A maximum of 100 accesses per month. After which you will have to wait for the next cycle or improve your subscription plan.
  • Support offered by the community.


Fill in the form below and we will generate a personal EDA instance just for you:


    Your name:
    Your email:
    Your organization:
    Your instance(*): https://edaserver.com/
    Your locale:

    All fields are required.

    * Your instance: It is the name of your instance. Usually is your company’s name or somelthing similar. With it we will build the url of your instance:

    For example. If you put as instance “jortilles” we will create an instance https://edaserver.com/jortilles for you